The Church arm is focused on how to help people get back to God through His Son Jesus Christ. This is achieved through evangelism, follow up and effective discipleship. We also achieve this through weekly fellowships and bi-monthly programs and yearly conventions. We bring people in and teach them God’s word, the Bible. The people are brought face to face with divine instructions that will help them take personal decisions.


The outreach arm is focusing on reaching out to the Widows, Orphans, poor and distressed people in the society and the youths and unemployed. We pray and plan on how to effectively reach out to this vulnerable people in our society by collaborating and partnering with well-meaning and well spirited people and organisations. We want to see how people and trained and empowered to create wealth and be self sufficient. This collaboration and partnership has been producing positive results over these years as we have seen our partners and sponsors helping us to do regular free Widows and Orphans projects like:
1. Food Distribution
2. Cloth Distribution
3. Toys Distribution
4. Medical Outreaches

Outreach at a Glance

Also we have embarked on major empowerment projects like:
1. Widows Farm Projects
2. Widows and Young people business startups
3. Wolfgang, Sven and Team Winspiration Skills Acquisition Centre.
Here Widows, children of Widows and other members of the
public freely enrol for trainings to enable them acquire skills in
Catering and Fashion Designing. This is currently on going.
We will expand into other areas as more partners join us and
more money is made available to enable us get the equipment
and pay the trainers.
4. Other areas to be open for skills acquisition are: Photo, Video
and Music Studio. Keyboard, Drum, Guitar and Trumpet and
other musical instrument training. Computer Training, Social
Media Skills training, Furniture and Carpentry training, Bead
and weaving training,
5. Small and Medium Enterprise training

Widows Farm Project

Widows and Under-privileged Business Sta​rt​ups

Skills Empowerment Centre